blog writing tips

If you are thinking about writing an article or making a video on your business, I am sure you are wondering what is the best thing to do? Well, I have put together a few tips that should make things a lot easier. But first, if you are new at article writing, please go read some of my other articles first.

So, let’s get started.

Title and headline

First things first…the title. You want your titles to hook your readers immediately. A lot of people don’t really pay attention to the title of an article, but by having an interesting title, it will definitely catch their attention. Also, you need to be able to write a compelling headline. If your article is not compelling, then your readers will most likely not stay on your page.

Generally speaking…

Another tip is to be concise and straight forward. Your writing shouldn’t have to be so long that your readers get bored with reading it. Your writing should be interesting and make sense. Most importantly you want it to be informative without being boring. So pick your words wisely and avoid any redundant words.

Do not deviate, stick to the core

Keep your articles fresh and interesting. Write about what your topic will cover, and never deviate from this. Stick to the core and main subject of the article without bringing up too many topics.

Include unique and interesting stuff

The more unique information and facts you include in your articles, the better your readers will like you. You can simply get this data from a quick search and integrate them in your article…such as “cool facts about Italy” when writing a blog post about travelling to Italy. If you can do this successfully, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Go in detail

Don’t be afraid to explain things in detail, and don’t leave out any details. The more facts you include in your article, the easier it will be for people to understand the topic wisely and relate to it. They will also feel like you are an expert and reliable about your topic and eventually read more posts or come back. And you will do well too because they will have no problem finding the solution to their problem because you provided it in the article.

Think about the reader too

Yes, I get it. You love the topic you are writing about and you are all over it. But you need to think about your readers. Not everyone is interested in what you’re writing about. If you only pore over and write about what you are highly passionate about, then you will most likely attract a lot of readers. Your passion for the topic will shine through your article and tell readers that you care about them.

Start slow and focus on quality

When you start out writing articles, try not to write more than once per day. It may seem like you could make many but don’t. You are starting out, take your time to make the blog post as good as possible and get the best info from the web to make it even better. Take your time.

Simple and to the point. (Don’t give headache!)

Yes, I said take your time and earlier on put as many details as possible. That is true, but you have to be calibrated of course. People like to read articles that are not too long and easy to read. So even when getting into detail, make sure to use a simple speech and not take the long road to get to the point. Simple, to the point, and engaging. And if you can use some humour now and then, it will help a lot.