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If you have an existing blog then you know how difficult it can be to attract new visitors and keep them on your blog site. It can be very frustrating trying to generate traffic to your site with little or no luck. You may even wonder how in the world you are ever going to generate enough interest to keep people coming back. Luckily there are a few proven methods that will help you attract visitors to your blog site and this article will discuss a couple of those methods.

Link building to get better ranking

Another method on how to get visitors for your blog is by getting links from other blogs. The first reason is that they might bring you some referral traffic. Secondly, because search engines such as Google love to see well-established blogs. And other sites “citing” you via links is the best metric Google has to understand if your site is valuable and therefore increase its ranking. So if you can establish a link from another blog that is similar to yours or a popular blog then this is going to help your ranking.

To do this you need to simply search for sites that are similar to yours in the topic and look at their page rank. To get links to contact the webmaster: some will add links for free if they think your content is valuable, others will ask for a link in exchange and others will ask you for a fee, but even by paying it can still be worthy. The other option is to hire a blogger or someone who has experience in SEO to manage your link building campaign. The point of all these link building tactics is to create as much exposure as possible to your blog site.

Link building is an important factor when looking at how to get visitors for your blog, but the quality is more important than quantity. The better quality the links you have the higher the site will rank in the search engines. So avoid super cheap links or spam strategies.

Strategic social media usage

blog SEO

You may be better off spending a little bit of your time promoting your blog on social media sites. The larger social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have a wide audience that will be interested in what you have to say and you can easily target people via hashtags or groups/pages, in the case of Facebook. These social media’s have also smart algorithms which will show you social content to people interested in that specific content. If you make your profile filled with good content and add links to your blog site you will soon find visitors flocking to your website.

But watch out: adding links to your social media posts will reduce a lot the reach of them. It’s best to place the link in your bio or page information, and create quality and engaging social media posts with no links to your own website. Reach will be so much better.

Guest posts on similar blogs

Another good way to attract visitors to your blog is by writing guest posts on other popular blogs. By doing this you are not only proving to your readers that you know what you are talking about but you are also helping out other bloggers in your field. You can ask a blog owner to write a guest post for your site in return for you writing one on their blog. If they agree you both have made a great joint effort and this can help increase the popularity of both your blogs. And, of course, you are getting a “link” as well.

When searching for sites that host content related to your topic, you may want to consider using the Yahoo or Google search engines. These search engines offer very specific listings for certain keywords. If you include the appropriate keywords within your blog’s text you will be able to find the blogs with the most relevant content for your specific topic.

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Paid advertising

If you have a budget and good content, you might wanna try paid traffic to get some traffic and hopefully return visitors or mailing list subscribers. A cheap and good paid traffic source is Google Ads, where you can get 1000 reads for as low as 5$. You can also use native ads networks such as Taboola, and your blog post might even be “featured” on websites like New York Times and other high-end websites.

Good luck and most importantly, keep posting new content. New blogs always need some time to kick off, but as long as you put valuable traffic out there regularly, your traffic will only increase.