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This blog post will be just 600 words long, but it will be plenty of great information to help you create great articles, from the title to generic content guidelines. So let’s do not waste any further time, and get started!

Answer the question

Before you begin writing, decide what is most important to your reader. Articles should answer the question of their title at the very beginning—preferably in the first Text paragraph. This is called the inverted pyramid and it will prevent readers from hitting the back button.

Pro Tip: Add Images That Are Important to Your Content and Build Trust, especially as featured image. And original pictures over stock ones!

4 Title Tips

1. Make sure your title is in APA format.
2. Titles should be conversational (avoid colons and hyphens, if possible)
3. Titles should clearly and accurately reflect your article’s content.
4. Include important keywords in your title, but don’t stuff it with keywords to try to get traffic!

Basic tips for a great Article

  • Use bullets, numbers, and tables to break up long blocks of text and make your article more scannable. Most of HubPages Network readers come from mobile!
  • Answer the question of your title early in your article and then go into more detail farther down the page.
  • Your article should be grammatically correct and definitely shouldn’t have any errors in the first Text Capsule.
  • Titles and Subtitles should be in APA format.
  • Add original photos that add trust and authority to your page!

Use A Callout To Draw Attention to Your Reader!

Callouts should include quotes or information that you’d like to highlight. We don’t recommend using them in lieu of subtitles.

Keep Breaking Up Your Content With Clear Subtitles

Add more content here! If you haven’t done so yet, add an article-specific author bio to build reader trust!

Pro Tip: Don’t Forget That Your Article Should Possess a High Level of E-A-T!

This is Google’s acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

5 Ways to Build Reader Trust

blog writing
  1. Write about what you know and love. If you are a social worker, for example, write about your knowledge on the subject, e.g., 5 Things You Should Know Before Calling CPS. It’s absolutely fine to use “I” statements, in fact, it let’s your reader know that you have been there and done that!
  2. Add a bio that is specific to your article, e.g., Mary has been a social worker for 15 years and has a Masters in Social Work from UC Davis.
  3. Use a real name and profile photo. It’s hard to believe someone with the name, Ms. Socialworker and an avatar that is a character. If you don’t want to use your real name, use a real-sounding pen name and choose an image that is professional.
  4. Add original photos. Avoid stock images – especially of people.
  5. Add references to the bottom of your article if you are citing studies.

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8 Final Tips to Make a Great Article

If you want to make a quality article which stands out, also follow these tips:

  1. Make sure your article is free of grammar and spelling errors!
  2. Show originality and expertise on your topic. We are looking for enthusiasts and experts that want to share their knowledge with the world!
  3. Write for your reader and not for financial gain. This means, don’t include products unless you have used them and your reader would expect and appreciate you leaving the link.
  4. Add a real name, profile photo, and article-specific bio.
  5. Make sure your article has good formatting, e.g., is easily scannable with bullets, numbers, or tables and is broken up into multiple capsules.
  6. If your article could affect someone’s health or livelihood, make sure you have one of the following: are a certified professional in the topic area, have personal experience, or have included reputable references for your information.
  7. Only include links that meet site standards and that your readers would be grateful for.
  8. Don’t forget to show that you have E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)!